How we can help your organization

Healthcare Compliance Connections can assist your organization in all facets of healthcare compliance. We partner with not-for-profit healthcare organizations to identify, recruit, assess and develop compliance professionals. We can provide insight and advice in structuring and building an effective compliance department, and can connect you with the appropriate legal professionals to conduct compliance effectiveness reviews.

Health Care Compliance Connections can arrange interim compliance services during the process of filling compliance positions, during times of high work volume, or for assistance with specific projects on a contract basis.



Healthcare Compliance Connections


Healthcare Compliance Connections utilizes its expertise to:

  • Clearly scope the position by vetting your organization’s compliance needs, existing resources and hiring preferences.
  • Identify (through our network of compliance professionals and responses to posted positions) and recruit experienced professionals to meet your organization’s compliance needs;
  • Interview potential candidates to ascertain role compatibility, interest and experience fit;
  • Present candidates that meet the personal and professional qualifications and express a strong interest in the position;
  • Coordinate the scheduling of candidates’ on-site interviews, as needed;
  • Facilitate stakeholder consensus on the best candidate; and
  • Engage final candidates in the selection process and, if requested, assist in contract negotiations.



Compliance Connections offers informed and relevant guidance with respect to appropriate and effective structuring of a compliance department, as well as advice and counsel regarding resource allocation. Based on our extensive personal knowledge of the industry, we can help you benchmark your compliance functions against industry best practices and help you implement improvements that will enhance the overall performance of your compliance program.



Compliance Connections offers services to enhance the professional development of existing or newly placed compliance professionals through a mentorship program. We have the requisite knowledge and extensive background in healthcare compliance to effectively educate, guide and develop competent compliance professionals as they create and implement effective compliance programs. We also offer compliance training programs and compliance audit support.



When your organization finds itself in transition or during periods of high-demand, Healthcare Compliance Connections can provide or recommend experts to serve as the interim Compliance Officer or in other roles to fill gaps in the management and operation of the compliance program until permanent solutions are identified and engaged. We will connect you with highly trained and capable compliance professionals that have direct prior experience in the same or similar role and setting. This will minimize the learning curve associated with new personnel thereby reducing instability and permitting continued progress of your compliance program.


You can’t afford to leave your Compliance hiring to chance.

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